Real Time Marketing

With the proliferation of real time indexing introduced. The indigent pressure to market accordingly is paramount. Time based search from academic to pedestrian has instantly gained a foothold in the consciousness of the web user and will only gain in scope and structure as more elaborate and user friendly platforms are introduced. Time based marketing within social media will change the face of search as we know it. What this means to your business. Real time search for professional services will  take longer to amass any weight. However we have observed in only a week of analytic s, clients traffic derived  ...

WordPress environment

We build, design, optimize and move your standard website to a wordpress platform to enable real time changes within your client field. In the changing economy a web site can no longer afford to remain static for more than 48 hours. Your client base, keywords, strategy is an ongoing daily routine needing updating, optimizing and delivering precise content to the “right” client market. The factors in where, why, and how clients are driven to products/services employ so many factors a website must be ‘flexible” to accommodate all the shifting parables. Contact us today for optimizing, customizing and setting up a ...

Web platform standards

We employ web 2.0 standards on our site designs and search optimization. Clean is the new clean in attracting more clients. We create content rich pages for your product/service and structure current trends in your field along with call to action API, contact, call now, and video chat. Your organization  cannot rely on former technology for client contact and sales, the   web 2.0 embraces  new  ideologies and novel approaches to making “your business  happen”
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