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WordPress environment

We build, design, optimize and move your standard website to a wordpress platform to enable real time changes within your client field. In the changing economy a web site can no longer afford to remain static for more than 48 hours. Your client base, keywords, strategy is an ongoing daily routine needing updating, optimizing and delivering precise content to the “right” client market. The factors in where, why, and how clients are driven to products/services employ so many factors a website must be ‘flexible” to accommodate all the shifting parables. Contact us today for optimizing, customizing and setting up a …

Reputation management

Internet media marketing org  provides reputation management to deliver the best reference to your clients in a controlled fashion. Optimizing (and paying for) page exposure only to leave a black hole at the consumer review end is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of traditional seo firms. If you or your business name is viewed negatively in any fashion even strong referrals can leak leads and create potentially monumental damage. Handling this type of thing requires  non emotionally involved actions, where even flagging a remark incorrectly can remove a positive review!   Many web referral/review systems are not based …

Web platform standards

We employ web 2.0 standards on our site designs and search optimization. Clean is the new clean in attracting more clients. We create content rich pages for your product/service and structure current trends in your field along with call to action API, contact, call now, and video chat.
Your organization  cannot rely on former technology for client contact and sales, the   web 2.0 embraces  new  ideologies and novel approaches to making “your business  happen”

Internet media marketing

Internet Media Marketing  vs Interruption Marketing
Marketing via the internet social networks has become a de-facto state of reality. Love it or hate it, the vertical wave of media networks is putting traditional marketing to the test. Print, television, radio, public billboards are losing ground and cannot compete with the  blinding speed of internet informational delivery. What are the success’s and failures to be learned over the last five years of social media growth. One variable seemingly unchanging is the proliferation and exponential growth of social network phenomena. Global language’s and understandings are shifting into high gear even as the real …

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