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Internet Media Marketing  vs Interruption Marketing

Marketing via the internet social networks has become a de-facto state of reality. Love it or hate it, the vertical wave of media networks is putting traditional marketing to the test. Print, television, radio, public billboards are losing ground and cannot compete with the  blinding speed of internet informational delivery. What are the success’s and failures to be learned over the last five years of social media growth. One variable seemingly unchanging is the proliferation and exponential growth of social network phenomena. Global language’s and understandings are shifting into high gear even as the real world seems as repetitive as ever. Huge companies form success’s by mysteriously giving away potential billions of dollars in services (Google) software WordPress) Like an endless day of birthday gifts, the social media networks supply the intravenous shot of new platform’s to engage, store, chat, visualize, and market their own universe daily.

Internet Media Marketing| The Platforms

Social media giants like facebook, twitter and youtube offer viral marketing capabilities to those businesses that can acquire and maintain a unique position within the social media eco system. Consulting, social objects, visualizations and creative marketing that pushes near the boundary are the hallmarks of a viral identity that is undeniable. The ability of corporate blogs, social media profiles and traditional advertising campaigns simply do not engage the millisecond choices of the me generation. It is not “what have you done for me lately” It is “what are you doing this second for me”  Internet marketing with social media can endear a startup company’s initial marketing program simply because they exit on the platform of mashable, crunchbase and latitudes of the socially hip media crowd.

Internet Marketing| Social Media Stardust

The golden age of rock and roll is now the diamond mine of social interaction. The term Internet marketing    sounds remarkably decrepit these days. A term that can quantify the vast overhaul of changes within corporate marketing can only be described as a ” a  trans global mindshift in attitudes”  The now almost non existent  music industry is a brilliant benchmark example of failure in user perception, and the social media revolution.   The recording industry, with all it’s mighty former economic weight cannot withstand the broken dam of public marketing perception. In 2010 the industry loss’s took another crippling blow of reduced sales and 2011 looks bleaker still.  It may seem obvious the lack of varied music content being progressively marketed may take a share of the blame.   The social network generation can bypass all the bad marketing, hype, poor business models and products with a click.  Who knew? Only everyone, internet marketing and social media were in an infancy stage ten years ago. Who were these business executives blind to the future. It proves that even with all the resources in the world, a non visionary approach will see you out on the street.

We know the road is adorned in static. Internet marketing can be a confusing digital hazy path without clear definition as to “the fastest contact to cerebral” Your presence via website  is still the most important factor (for now!) and we understand the traditional need of seo and all it entails keyword, page rank and all the good things of search. We try to fine new avenues of engagement in a promotional manner yet maintain an open mind strategy on what works. The field is a wildwest of possibilities, social media and internet marketing can co exist only if you yourself believe in the power of choice that users really do have. All the marketing in the world cannot relinquish a mouse click that says “go away”  Your choice is to contact us for ventures into the  future of internet marketing and social media.

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