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Our approach frankly is a step away from traditional seo and excessive time spent ranking for ridiculously competitive keywords only.

We know you need to see returns “yesterday” You will see (probably to the right of this page) any number of SEO firms promising the moon, page one this afternoon, great.  However in the real world of seo spending months to get the smallest ROI, waiting for search to kick in just seems an outdated model to us. If we can build a site (that ranks quick) push social media pages, sites,produce a videos, anything that moves your keyword needs, we do it first. All we do is organic, yet propped by the 2.0 new model platform. Many top end businesses pay (through the nose) for what we call “vanity ranking” Sure it is great to look first on a huge keyword. However leaving you “waiting for gold” when “silver is already here” is really part of our whole philosophy at internet media marketing org. We believe in the real world of search and closure, it is a duality of keywords and a “density” on which they appear, meaning. If a client can see you on page 1-2-3 there begins a psychological shift toward your brand name.

The potential customer will probably search 3-7 keywords before zeroing in on a landing page he/she likes. We present the potential client with many levels of  “hits” both geo and keyword orientated. We believe in the futuristic 2.0 model of  marketing on the web. From ‘satellite sites” creating custom social networks, video channels and utilizing social media and beyond. We  also employ practicality and common sense ROI, this means you do not have to sell your shirt for great web exposure, period.

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