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Our view of social media is,  ditch the hype where is the result. Businesses that are somehow duped into thinking having millions of facebook fans will magically mitigate into sales/results we think is folly. There are very special things social media can do (outside the box) This takes time ingenuity and perseverance as  getting fans, followers, people in Tibet to buy your services  is not the exercise at all. It is a cross platform system to get your name and business on the real map (internet search) There is no substitute (yet) for your main website to sell your business.(when there is we will let you know)

However to wholly dismiss the social networks would be a polar opposite of what we do. We actually search all the main blogs (mashable,etc) for “any” new technology, link, tactic to  assist in our approach. It is 2.0 web platforms that now thrive on social media (google buzz now their own social network) So if it is good enough for the king of all search it is well to keep your eyes on.

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