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Our main focus on web design is “visibility” we can build “pretty” sites to many specifications but our mantra regarding internet sales and sites is “if you can’t see it,why bother”  If you presently have a site (hovering between page 2-6) and are just not cutting it, we can either “move ” your existing site to a 2.0 platform (wordpress, drupal,joomla, movabletype,) Or create a satellite website around your specific keyword needs. We have found the satellite system to be of great seo value as a site can be hosted, created and uploaded very economically and efficiently to get to those keyword markets. Think of it this way,  instead of seoing the life out of one site, why not have another to take on the load. All sites link back to the home site and we see this system used now for such things as huge corporate/music/entertainment businesses that know two (or more) sites are better than one. Please contact us for set up fees,one time optimization or full service optimization. You will be surprised at  how economically this can be done.

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